October 6, 2022

Distance Education

Distance Education — An Idea Whose Time Has Come


     The 21st Century brought with it a period of profound change. Those of us involved in “distance education” have recognized that the structure, purposes and methods of traditional education were designed for a historical period now coming to a close.

     In accordance with these changes and with our continuing commitment to innovative, quality education, we at NAU find ourselves at a time of natural transition. A time between what has been and what will be. A time when those of us involved in the University must meld the cumulative years of practical and formal educational experiences into an efficient, easily absorbed format. A format suitable for today’s imposing demands created by the techno-scientific and yet introspective society in which we exist.

     Demands on our time and economic survival have reduced access for many to traditional educational and advancement opportunities. What was once an alternative and perhaps perceived as lesser educational format, distance education is now mainstream with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities attempting to incorporate this efficient delivery system with tradition-bound concepts.

     Not by coincidence, health and the healing arts are experiencing a similar phenomenon. We are turning from what is traditional, to creating a holistic environment in which illness and the accompanying symptoms are dealt with in proactive instead of reactive manner.

     North American University is designed to provide programs that address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being well. It is our mission to provide the transference of this information via a delivery system that meets the needs of a large population of self-directed adult students.

     Study at home, on your own schedule. Take as much or as little time as you desire to complete your degree. We invite you to learn more about NAU and the curriculums offered. It is our sincere hope that you will find the answers that you seek. The planet desperately needs the wisdom that a Doctor of Nutripathy® and a Doctor of Nutripathic® Science can offer. This is an idea whose time has come!