October 6, 2022

Law Of Vibration

The Law of Vibration


Before you can advance far upon the pathway of wisdom, you must be able to view life from a universal standpoint; you must realize the oneness of all things. You must realize that there is one God Principle, one life, one breath — that all things are part of a universal principle and all are related. The relativity of all things cannot be understood unless your religion is based upon a spiritual principle, a principle that recognizes that all things have their rightful position as a necessary part of the whole and that all contribute to the pattern of life.

The basis of Nutripathic® philosophy is that all is of God, the Principle that everything is created from the one principle and each form of life expresses that particular form of evolution of the spirit.

One may wonder why nature has created many different germs or insects. Science in its ignorance tries to exterminate different species of life, thinking that in so doing it would create a better world in which to live. But, to destroy one thread in the intricate pattern of a rug would be to destroy its perfection and interfere with the balance of the whole; and so, each species in the pattern of life is complete within itself, yet absolutely necessary to the whole. If nature must produce germs, insects and worms to turn the manifestations of discord back again into pure energy, who are we to try to destroy that manifestation of nature, which is a cog in the great wheel of life? It is through misconception of truth that man attempts to separate himself from the Universal Principle and become a law unto himself; thus he suffers by turning nature against himself.

As a student of Nutripathic® Philosophy, you must conceive God as the whole, involving and evolving, expressing in the innumerable forms of life. Before you can thoroughly understand or conceive the oneness of all things, you must lose sight of individual form and understand fundamental principle which we term the law of vibration.

All Life is Motion

All life is motion or vibration, a unity of the positive and negative forces of nature. The varying speeds of vibration make up the innumerable forms of life. If you close your eyes and lose sight of form, you can feel the pulsations of nature and see life as waves of vibration revolving around a centre or nucleus. The nucleus is the divine individual spark that produces that speed of vibration, creating that particular form or intelligence.

All life is vibration and each speed merges into the other in the same way that the colors of the rainbow merge without any perceptible break. Although we know that there must be a point where the green first merges into the blue, the orange into the red, etc., there are many degrees of intensity or shades of green and in the merging a little more blue is incorporated until a definite blue is reached and becomes individual. The same merging is manifest in all forms of life; each form merges into the other, down through the scale of beings. These speeds of vibration may be classified into relative groups, such as the mineral, vegetable, animal, etc. Color has its vibration in sound; thought has its vibration in the physical plane with which the thought is clothed. Each plane of vibration is linked with a higher and a lower plane.

The lower vibrations are the solids. As the vibrations quicken, their form and substance becomes less dense. Water and the elements represent the first forms of life, or the God Principle lowered in vibration to create the first plane. Every material substance consists of one or more elements. The plane of solids merges into the higher speeds of vibration, into the animate plane with its myriad forms of life, each with its own color, odor, individual sounds, etc.

The higher the vibrations of nature, the more powerful and penetrating they become. It is important to note that the lower vibrations cannot penetrate the higher. For example, the sound of a piccolo can penetrate brick and mortar, passing through and being heard on the other side, while the sound from the bass violin remains confined within the room. Apply this law to thought which is a still higher speed of vibration than sound. Mind is the dominating force and is capable of permeating all things beneath it.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual

Man is composed of three bodies: physical which belongs to the animate plane vibration, mental which is of the plane of energy above the plane of solids and the spiritual body or Consciousness which manifests only through the mental and physical expression. Each plane has its own speed of vibration, yet all should manifest in harmony. Each plane represents a different octave, vibrating in unison in the three octaves of life.

To progress spiritually, man must learn to raise the vibration of the gross physical body and mortal mind through correct living habits and through applying himself to the natural laws that govern the manifest plane. The desires of the senses and of the mortal mind must be merged into intellect and intellect into Spiritual Consciousness.

Plan with Confidence

Time does not force you to do anything except to advance in age; neither can Mind interfere with or stop time, but you can and must harmonize your efforts with Time. As nature expresses both negative and positive conditions in the depressions and plentiful seasons of nature, so does the human mind have its negative and positive conditions: times when emotional thinking can interfere with analysis and good judgment. You should know the cyclic conditions affecting your thinking and judgment at all times. Only then do you have the ability to avoid bitter experiences and costly mistakes.

You have the ability to make the next 12 months an exceptional year by understanding and applying the cycle patterns that apply in your life based upon your Name and your date of birth. In working with your Life Cycle, you will find that your life will flow with greater ease and accomplishment because you are following your natural path of unfoldment of effort.

MemGram® Processing

From the sun the earth derives its light, heat and life-giving power. The life power is always in evidence, for plants grow even in the darkest forest. Likewise, the source of all conscious expression, the universal mind, is in constant touch with all individual minds upon the earth in the same way that every light globe connected with an electric power-house may expect light as long as it is turned on. The reason of being is contained within being itself, your mind must seek to discover how to eliminate all the obstacles that dim its power. This is accomplished through MemGram® Processing.

Remove The Obstacles

Remember that you are never alone. The great wisdom, the conscious creative power of the universe is within your very being and you exist within it. All you need to do is to remove the obstructions of your lower desires. Do not substitute pleasures and thrills for happiness. Pleasures and thrills are destructive to peace of mind and well-being. Happiness is the feeling of complete unity between the body, emotions, Mind and spiritual consciousness.

Doctor of Nutripathy®

Becoming a Doctor of Nutripathy® will teach you how to teach others to know their MemGram®, how to know the plan against their life, help them realize how their attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle and environment (ABLE) are crystallizing into their physical body and creating the reality in which they exist. Knowing what to think, eat and do to bring balance to body chemistry is the key to living a happy, healthy, prosperous life that can grow spiritually by assisting others on their journey.