October 6, 2022

Math & You



Science proves its discoveries through mathematics, but expresses its findings through the Power of the Word, or language. Thus, language is a key part of our self-discovery journey.


Your brain cells are motivated by the forces of intelligence, which are released and expressed through the vibrations set in motion by the attachment of Your Name. These are divine forces of intelligence. Our speech comes spontaneously because it represents the awakening and expression of these forces of intelligence, which are released by the symbols called language. In the same way the keys on a piano, which struck, cause the vibrations of the strings to be released and expressed in the form of sound, which we call music. One of the first sounds that our brains works to rectify is our Name.

In the individual, the forces of language, when used through the Name, motivate the brain cells, create the senses of perception and conception, and cause the functions of the body to respond—just as the keys on the piano, when struck, release the vibrations that produce the sound when the etheric waves come in contact with our eardrums.


All life—whether visible or invisible—is vibration. The consciousness of nature takes form through language and is expressed through the vibration called sound. Sound is a physical manifestation of spiritual forces. These forces, when attached through your Name, motivate or stimulate your brain cells to impress the qualities of intelligence upon the brain.

Every letter of the alphabet has a specific mathematical value and character, which denotes its intelligence. Numbers and letters can be viewed as forms of intelligence rather than practical symbols. It is the forces behind the numbers and letters that should be recognized. Names are a combination of these letters and intelligences. Thus the motivation of the brain cells is the expression of thought and intelligence caused by these invisible forces.

Your Name is like a chord of notes in music: it blends individuality of letters to a chord. Your chord could be harmonizing or disharmonizing. There is a keynote that dominates the chord. As in music, so with Names; the many forces are reduced or blended into a keynote, showing the predominant nature of the Name and the individual.


The analysis of your Name reveals your life in its entirety—the state of your body and mind, as well as your personal and business affairs—thus proving the infallibility of the Mathematical Principle to measure and reveal the quality of your mind and your complete life through your name because You Are Your Name.

After you complete MemGram® Level-3 we begin to analyze your Name to see if it is helping or hurting your opportunity for health, wealth and romance. We also examine how your MemGram® (The Plan Against Your Life) uses your Name to make life more difficult than you deserve.